MRI information and tools

The Basics of MRI A detailed introduction, complete with figures, to the priciples underlying magnetic resonance imaging. Provided by the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Visualization of Cortical Activity Using fMRI A project to investigate and improve existing techniques involved in the visualization of human cortical activity using fMRI

VoxBo Software package for processing voxel-based functional brain imaging data

WebCortex Marty Sereno's page allows the user to submit Talairach coordinates and returns an inflated or flattened cortical map with the location marked.

MRI Explains MRI info from Gary Wilson through Sheffield Hallam Univeristy

Smoothing An introduction to smoothing (a.k.a. filtering or apodization)

Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition is dedicated to the study of the neural basis of cognitive processes, including learning and memory, language and thought, perception, attention, and planning

Cognitive-Neuroscience Resources list of resources brought to you by The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

General Links to Neurology and Neuroscience Journals links to neurology and neuroscience journals on the net

MRC Psycholinguistic Database An incredible resource made available to the public. This searchable database allows one to obtain a list of english words which satisfy any conceivable set of criteria. Exceedingly useful in experimental design.

PsyScope The web home of PsyScope, a software package for Macintosh computers which provides a graphical, icon driven interface for psychological experimental design.

Presentation Software Presentation: Software for stimulus delivery and data collection

Keith Worsley's Home Page We use several of Dr. Worsley's mathematical solutions to analyze our data. His web page contains post-script files of some of his papers in press which can be downloaded.

SPM Home Page This site, administered by the Wellcome department of Cognitive Neurology, are the theoretical and practical heart of statistical parametric mapping, an important method of analysis of neuro-imaging data.