Name Trainingsort icon Years Current Position Institution
Druzgal, Jason Graduate Student 1995- 2000 Assistant Professor Department of Radiology, University of Virginia
Sreenivasan, Kartik Post-doctoral Fellow 2009- 2013 Assisant Professor NYU Abu Dhabi
Blumenfeld, Rob Post-Doctoral Fellow 2008- 2013 Assistant Professor Cal State Pomona
Kayser, Andrew Post-doctoral Fellow 2005- 2009 Assistant Professor UCSF
Turner, Gary Post-doctoral Fellow 2007- 2010 Assistant Professor York University
Chen, Anthony Post-doctoral Fellow 2004- 2007 Assistant Professor UCSF
Todd, Mike Post-doctoral Fellow 2012- 2013
Cools, Roshan Postdoctoral Fellow 2003- 2005 Principal Investigator FC Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in The Netherlands
Cameron, Ian Postdoctoral Fellow 2010- 2013 Senior Researcher Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior
Aarts, Esther Postdoctoral Fellow 2010- 2012 Research Scientist Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Bahlmann, Jorg Postdoctoral Fellow 2010- 2012 Research Staff Department of Neurology, University of Lubeck, Germany
Brozinsky, Craig Postdoctoral Fellow 2007- 2012
Nomura, Emi Postdoctoral Fellow 2008- 2012
Cohen, Jessica Postdoctoral Fellow 2009- 2014 Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dept of Psychology and Neuroscience Website
Badre, David Postdoctoral Fellow 2005- 2010 Associate Professor Brown University
van Veen, Vincent Postdoctoral Fellow
Willems, Roel Postdoctoral Fellow 2009- 2011
Wittmann, Bianca Postdoctoral Fellow 2009- 2011 Assistant Professor University of Giessen
Beer, Jennifer Postdoctoral Fellow 2002- 2004 Associate Professor UT Austin, Dept of Psychology
Boettiger, Charlotte Postdoctoral Fellow 2001- 2003 Associate Professor Univ of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dept Psychology & Biomedical Research Imaging Center Website